Thursday, April 27, 2006

rant of da day: mediacorp 101


just happened to catch this travel programme on channel U, featuring my personal fav fiona xie.
what is it about mediacorp? the longer a person is in there, everyone just seems to subscribe to the following mantra.

  1. if i want to act excited, i shout
  2. if i want to act angry, i shout
  3. if i want to act ahbeng/ahlian, i shout
at least when she started (in mediacorp) , i thought... granted she was raw, with this "teh" voice... now it's just the screaming "teh" voice at the camera....

i had to switch channel, her "shouting at the camera/ screaming in delight" was giving me a headache.

i never thought i would ever say that....

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