Sunday, December 28, 2008

itunes audio book: Business Category

was just going thru the itunes audiobooks store.

the last book (by release date) is seth godin's "The Dip (Unabridged)" Released May 10, 2007.

and the one before that. "The Big Moo: Stop trying to be perfect..." by... you guessed it again. Seth Godin (and the Group of 33).  Dec 02, 2005

and 3rd in line. John C. Maxwell's "Thinking for a change: ....", May 23, 2003.

is this the blackhole of itunes category? i'm wondering what kind of volumes sold.
looking at the audience size of itunes... can it be in 4 years, we have 3 audio books released under the "Business" category?


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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Wayman tisdale

Wayman tisdale
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Washington bullets forward. NBA.

Boon Teck
Kido Technologies Pte Ltd

Saturday, October 25, 2008

1am preview show

1am preview show
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Boon Teck
Kido Technologies Pte Ltd

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Men's Product

Men's Product
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Wild oats
....with horny goat weed.
I kid you not.

Boon Teck
Kido Technologies Pte Ltd

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

News of da day: Zappos pays new employees to quit.

Why Zappos Pays New Employees to Quit—And You Should Too - Harvard Business Online's Bill Taylor

Cut & Paste:

So when Zappos hires new employees, it provides a four-week training period that immerses them in the company's strategy, culture, and obsession with customers. People get paid their full salary during this period.

After a week or so in this immersive experience, though, it's time for what Zappos calls "The Offer." The fast-growing company, which works hard to recruit people to join, says to its newest employees: "If you quit today, we will pay you for the amount of time you've worked, plus we will offer you a $1,000 bonus." Zappos actually bribes its new employees to quit!

Why? Because if you're willing to take the company up on the offer, you obviously don't have the sense of commitment they are looking for. It's hard to describe the level of energy in the Zappos culture—which means, by definition, it's not for everybody. Zappos wants to learn if there's a bad fit between what makes the organization tick and what makes individual employees tick—and it's willing to pay to learn sooner rather than later. (About ten percent of new call-center employees take the money and run.)

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

screenshot of da day:

anyone else have noticed the newly revamped ?

i can imagine the brainstorming sessions...

"i want.... colors!... pastel colors, i want it to be vibrant! alive! bright! "

and hence someone delivered THAT.

someone gotta nominate them for some kind of award... i don't care what kind...
but that color scheme deserves an award... even if it's for craziness or something..

"avant garde gov website of the year!"

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Starhub Euro2008 signup page.

look at the URL:

we must be real dummies.... to keep paying... monies.

Starhub Euro2008 signup page.
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Creative ad on

Creative ad on
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should be due to Wireless @ SG... did shock me while i was browsing... needed to double take on the ad...

Monday, April 07, 2008


Seth's Blog: In and on and 'a'

Seth on "How to sound smart when talking about the Internet:"

'Friend' is a verb. "I'll friend you," is a totally valid thing to say.

A blog is something you have (unlike a Facebook). And blog is also a verb. As in, "I have a blog, this blog, which you probably found by googling me. I blogged about Facebook (which I'm on but don't use often). I don't IM, and I'm impossibly lax about friending people."

brings back a whole load of primary school memories...

"don't friend you anymore"
"friend, friend lah"

cmon.... can we bring back "bell ring"... aka "bell ring already, let's go for recess!"

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

iPhone 1.1.4, Missing icons

note to world.

install " SUID Lib Fix" after BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH.

everything was running fine, without "
SUID Lib Fix", until i changed a system setting "asian keyboard"... and wham, bootneuter, bosstool, bosspref icons all disappeared.

tried refreshing the custom firmware again... and the same thing happened after i had finished setting up everything... @#$@#$@#@!$.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

rant: state of singapore apple resellers websites.....


nothing is updated

apart from the apple online store.

is it really such a backward industry. it's a IT industry ... for $#@$@#$ sakes. {Flash site, stuck in a time zone.... not updated} {You are not authorized to access this web page.} {
UNDER CONSTRUCTION WILL BE UP SOON...} {front page is promoting "Tiger unleashed."; hello? it's been unleashed and globbed up by the leopard}

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

BT - What is BT?/ BT's Wishlist/ BT Archives

need some distraction today.

here we go.


What is BT ? (clicking on pic works as well)
the latest and greatest, one-screen pictorial overview on BT

i have. relatively big eyes. ha!

BT's Shopping/ Wishlist
the pictorial guide to BT's most wanted, for those who can't take "hints" q gas bbq!

BT Archives
the best of the past, greatest hits, has-beens, paris hiltons, all preserved in pictorial carbonite goodness

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

dengue poet strikes again! 4 word poem: "They Breed, You Bleed!!"

please.... we deserve the dengue haiku at least...

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Friday, March 07, 2008

message of da day: "more desirable than less than 20%"

i'm "more desirable than less than 20% of 23 million people".... envy that people!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Coffee: Wiener Kaffeehaus Peabody

bought this from the outlet they have at carrefour suntec.
believe me.... give it a miss... the beans are dry to begin with.

"syrupy"?.... try sourish.
could be due to my eva solo coffee pot....
but i'm going back to spinelli house bend...

google a