Friday, December 22, 2006

ordered. 2 x. lavavulin 30 yo

Ordered 2 bottles. boys and girls of '76..... this is our drink.

lagavulin 30 year old (1976)
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Limited to 2,340 bottles, so will probably be a very quick sell-out. From refill American Oak casks filled in 1976, each 30 years old.

ABV: 52.6 %
Volume: 0.7 Litre
Region: Islay
Age: 30 Years Old

Distiller's Tasting Notes
APPEARANCE: Bright amber.
NOSE: Unusual, and difficult to place if tasted blind; mature tropical melon-fruit and slightly dusty at first (warehouses, pipe tobacco). Then, fresh, clean soap, with traces of parma violet. After a while, rich
roast chestnut and new vinyl. Water raises the vinyl note and introduces varnish, cedar and nut oil. In time this becomes wood oil and resin. “Like a distillation of the old warehouses at Lagavulin”.
BODY: Ripe and soft.
PALATE: Slow to unfold (as befits its age) with real balance and length in time. Drinks very well at natural strength. Becomes increasingly smoky after a surprisingly sweet start; the smoke drifting above an
apple and melon sweetness. Hints of dry spices (cumin), and Lagavulin’s familiar tar and then suddenly a hit of raspberry and rose. Biscuity. Less sweet with water, and there’s a distinct clove-like coolness.
FINISH: Very long, smouldering. Woody, and not so smoky in the end.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

News of da day: Gold(plated) Years



hmm... this is kinda strange... shouldn't we be investigating why we are UNABLE to provide for our golden years... instead of trying to extend my working years?

root issue... why after working for 55 years, we are unable to retire?

Singaporeans need to work beyond retirement age to provide for their golden years

Singaporeans have been urged to work past the legislated retirement to build up a nest egg for their golden years as the funds might not stretch long enough.

Citing figures, the National Trades Union Congress Secretary General Lim Boon Heng said a high proportion of older workers have dropped out of the job market.

That is why a tripartite committee comprising NTUC, the government and employers is studying how to help older Singaporeans find work and stay on working.

Mr Lim said: "NTUC has long recognised this and therefore pushed for raising the effective retirement age. It is important to focus on the effective retirement age and not on the legislated retirement age. Currently our official retirement age is 62 but many drop out from the age of 55 years."

Thursday, November 09, 2006

first death @ novena medical centre at Square2

saw a bunch of foreign workers huddled around U-turn of novena terrace.... "that's early to stop work"... when i got off the car, realised that one of them was crying...

then i noticed a pair of "tong aik" uncles... 3 police cars....
"oh dang!"......
read the rest from the new papers...

Novena Medical Centre @ Square2

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

lagavulin 30 year old (1976)

lagavulin 30 year old (1976)
lagavulin 30 year old (1976)
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add this to my wishlist....

limited to 2340 bottles.

lagavuilin 1976 (30 year old)... hello whisky! nice age....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006

"Happy Birthday" Tan Boon Teck

"Happy Birthday" Tan Boon Teck
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"Happy Birthday" Tan Boon Teck
Originally uploaded by stonz.
This is fun. getting a hotel booking... and realising it's for "stephen tan

boon teck"

and he happens to be from IBM Singapore...

nice. you return to the room... and find a handwritten note... and a

birthday cake... what the heck... celebrations time!

Friday, September 08, 2006

self plug of da day: my bookshelf

have been looking around for something like that...

BT's Bookshelf

pretty cool... if you ask me....
too bad's the free account, limits to 200... i'll stick in those that i own first; not the "read" ones

Monday, September 04, 2006

quote of da day: Vodka

"yeah, i've made mistakes. The biggest was vodka. i never believed the public would want to buy something with no taste to it. my whole life was built on blending flavours."
- Samuel "Mr. Sam" Bronfman (Seagram)

Uncle BT. Round 2.

Uncle BT. Round 2.
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Plug of da day: seth godin's blog


What people want

The same thing everyone else is having, but different.

A menu where the prices aren't all the same.

More attention than the person sitting next to them.

A slightly lower price than anyone else.

A new model, just moments before anyone else, but only if everyone else is really going to like it.

A seat at a sold out movie.

Access to the best customer service person in the shop, preferably the owner.

Being treated better, but not too much better.

Being noticed, but not too noticed.

Being right.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

news of da day : er.....

A HIGHLY-decomposed infant was discovered yesterday at a locker room in
NTUC FairPrice's Bishan Junction 8 branch. The grisly find of the
premature baby was triggered by a stench coming from the staff locker room
of the popular supermarket.

well.. i could say something abt cold rooms... and hot weather... "the fresh food people" would have trained their staff to use the cold room... not the locker.
this beats my dead-rat-in-bag episode... i've been trumped!

Monday, July 17, 2006

News of da Day: 4 Guns Good, 6 Guns Bad



For the first time in the history of the National Day Parade, only four 25-pounder guns will be used in the Presidential Gun Salute compared to the traditional half a dozen guns.

The Presidential Gun Salute has been a mainstay of the National Day Parade: 21 shots fired within 3 minutes as a mark of respect to the President when he inspects the contingents in the stadium.

how about that? we only need 1/2 the number of guns, to make the same 21 shots. chalk up another victory for productivity.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Side line : my first food blog entry


took me awhile to do this. for my man. adrian's communal food blog.

i know, i'm usually involved in eating.. rather than writing. and that's one of the longest entry i've written..since...


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

quote of da day

"Repression, Sir is a habit that grows. I am told it is like making love-it is always easier the second time! The first time there may be pangs of conscience, a sense of guilt. But once embarked on this course with constant repetition you get more and more brazen in the attack. All you have to do is to dissolve organizations and societies and banish and detain the key political workers in these societies. Then miraculously everything is tranquil on the surface. Then an intimidated press and the government-controlled radio together can regularly sing your praises, and slowly and steadily the people are made to forget the evil things that have already been done, or if these things are referred to again they're conveniently distorted and distorted with impunity, because there will be no opposition to contradict."

-Lee Kuan Yew as an opposition PAP member speaking to David Marshall, Singapore Legislative Assembly, Debates, 4 October, 1956

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Thursday, April 27, 2006

rant of da day: mediacorp 101


just happened to catch this travel programme on channel U, featuring my personal fav fiona xie.
what is it about mediacorp? the longer a person is in there, everyone just seems to subscribe to the following mantra.

  1. if i want to act excited, i shout
  2. if i want to act angry, i shout
  3. if i want to act ahbeng/ahlian, i shout
at least when she started (in mediacorp) , i thought... granted she was raw, with this "teh" voice... now it's just the screaming "teh" voice at the camera....

i had to switch channel, her "shouting at the camera/ screaming in delight" was giving me a headache.

i never thought i would ever say that....

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Non-Political link of da day!

Are you a qualified elector?

you people are gonna love this... i logged in... and i see a serial number tagged to me...
i'm off to buy "bey-pio" (4D)

i did say this was a non political post....they are nice.... the serial number is exactly 4 digits. no need to infer/ guess/ tikam... and NO... i'm not giving out my number... whoohoo! wednesday! saturday! and sunday!

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

rant of da day: esso mobil We're drivers union too.

just got this mailer today....

dear valued customer,
A bigger and better experience awaits you!
......[blahblah] ......
As you may be aware, ExxonMobil has entered into an alliance with Fairprice [stopped reading]
signed off by Yeo Kee Whye (Retail Sales Manager, ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

sorry my yeo, that's the end of my business to you.

you have your business decision/ alliance to make... i have my consumer rights to choose. And i do not agree with the business practices of your new/ soon-to-be alliance partner.

i'll proceed to terminate my speedpass token, as well as my citibank esso mobil privilege card.


Esso Mobil, We're drivers union too.

p.s. let me convert my 5,000+ points to fuel vouchers first. i promise to use them only at non-fairprice petrol stations.

update: [link to news article]

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Followup News of da day: karate kids... two!


[previous one]
More news from japan.... the search is completed!

wait till the special gift from the jap chinese-martial-arts-expert.... is labelled "made in singapore"... or a "Singapore is a fine city" tshirt, autographed (of cos!)
that would be *wicked*...

SINGAPORE : Three Singaporeans in search of a karate master in northern Japan are believed to have located him.

He is 61-year-old Shoen Fukuda who lives in Aomori's Hiranai City. But it turns out that instead of karate, Mr Fukuda teaches Chinese-style martial arts.

The search started when a Singaporean karate master made a wish on his death bed for his family to locate a Japanese man with a secret karate manuscript.

His family, together with neighbours, travelled to Japan armed only with the information that the man is a widower of about 65 who has two daughters.

When three members in the group of 13 went missing on Aomori's snowy mountains, their rescue and their quest attracted much media attention in Japan.

With the help of Aomori officials and volunteers, Mr Fukuda was found.

He recalls meeting a Singaporean by the name of Xu and showing him his secret manuscript.

But Mr Fukuda has refused to present his manuscript to the Singaporean karate master's son and wife, saying it is something he cannot disclose.

As a gesture of friendship, however, he has offered to present something to the Singaporeans in a ceremony on Friday. - CNA/de

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

News of da Day: On IR

[update: source]

Various panels made up of primarily civil servants have been set up to evaluate, score and rank the proposals and subsequently make their recommendations to a five-man Ministerial Committee led by Deputy Prime Minister S Jayakumar, who will then leave the final decision to the
Oh my.... are we looking to open a new ministry? *flashing lights* *beep!* *more flashing lights*.... you have been warned... civil servants... we do have one casino consultant ... whatshisname... the SIA (ex) dude.

Event Notice: World Gourmet Summit 2006: The Macallan Single Malt Vertical Tasting


of cos. i'm attending. say hi if you happen to be there.. as well.

it's the cheapest WGS event... ha!


Join David Cox as he conducts The Macallan Single Malt Vertical Tasting. This is a rare opportunity to gain a better understanding of The Macallan whisky. Whisky aficionados not only can savour the taste but also experience the aroma, of the world's most precious whisky.

Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Time: 8.00pm - 11.00pm
Price: S$88.00 Dress: Smart Casual

15% discount for Amex Cards.

David Cox

With 23 years of experience in the Scotch whisky industry, David Cox, a Modern History graduate of Oxford University, is now the director of fine and rare whiskies and global relationships of The Macallan. As the custodian of the greatest collection of vintage single malt ever released direct from a distillery, David proudly and enthusiastically shares the timeless glory and complexity of The Macallan Fine & Rare with whisky connoisseurs around the world. "The Fine & Rare collection is truly a journey through the history of The Macallan" explains David. "As we release further vintages, so this sensory journey will continue to develop, but for now, it tells the story of The Macallan in 38 stunning chapters". With overwhelming passion and intense devotion, it is perhaps no exaggeration to say that whisky runs in this man's veins.

Friday, April 07, 2006

News of da day: 'Karate kids' rescued after Japan mountain quest


these guys.. need an award... who wants to be part of the "Welcome Home" party at the airport with orchid gala rings?

maybe it's a new mediacorp reality show?
"let's round up 12 person.... tell them an incredible story... see how many fall for it?"

apparently all twelve did.


TOKYO (Reuters) - Three Singaporeans were found safe Thursday after getting lost on what they said was a mission to find a legendary karate expert on a snowy mountainside in Japan.
One of the three men told police in Hirosaki, near the northern tip of Japan's main island, that they had come to Japan after his dying father, a martial arts expert, had ordered them to seek out the karate teacher, TV Asahi said on its Web site.

"Japan looked so small on the world map that we thought we would be able to find him straight away," one of the group, aged between 25 and 50, was quoted as saying.

All three were dressed in light clothing and huddling in an abandoned car when they were rescued from the slopes of 1,600-meter (5,249-ft) Mount Iwaki in the early hours of the morning after calling for help on a mobile phone, a police spokesman said. "Neither police nor local people know of anyone running karate classes in this area," the spokesman added.

updated news links...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

quote of da day: poker / sex


Q: How is Poker like Sex?
A: Everyone thinks they are the best, but most people don't know what they are doing.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

rant of the day: singaporeans!


surely by now... some of you might have read about the eye infection, possibly caused by contact lens solution.

Since last May, 22 people have suffered from infections of the cornea, a transparent window covering the eye. The Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) has treated 19 of them........ All but one of them said they used eye health company Bausch and Lomb's (B&L) ReNu with MoistureLoc solution. The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) is investigating the product.

i was just asking 2 friends online.. if they were using that solution.... and the first question they asked me was "How to claim?"

how's that for practicality? ;)
we do succeed in certain fronts..... i salute thee!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

rate BT.

the good stuff

the evil stuff

as far as perfection goes.... there's always room for improvement

Sunday, January 29, 2006

quote of da day


being poor is bad, staying that way is stupid.
-John Bradshaw Layfield ( contributor)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005 Holiday Photos

Originally uploaded by stonz.

Tasmania & Melbourne

Monday, January 02, 2006

What's New on the Whisky Shelf?

Originally uploaded by stonz.

welcome to a new issue of WNOTWS.

The australian booties:

  • aberlour a'bunadh cask strength
  • sullivans cove single malt whisky (cask strength). aged in french oak port cask.
  • strathisla 12yo
  • talisker 10yo
impressive range at duty free shop... "Downtown"
at melbourne airport.

google a