Friday, December 22, 2006

ordered. 2 x. lavavulin 30 yo

Ordered 2 bottles. boys and girls of '76..... this is our drink.

lagavulin 30 year old (1976)
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Limited to 2,340 bottles, so will probably be a very quick sell-out. From refill American Oak casks filled in 1976, each 30 years old.

ABV: 52.6 %
Volume: 0.7 Litre
Region: Islay
Age: 30 Years Old

Distiller's Tasting Notes
APPEARANCE: Bright amber.
NOSE: Unusual, and difficult to place if tasted blind; mature tropical melon-fruit and slightly dusty at first (warehouses, pipe tobacco). Then, fresh, clean soap, with traces of parma violet. After a while, rich
roast chestnut and new vinyl. Water raises the vinyl note and introduces varnish, cedar and nut oil. In time this becomes wood oil and resin. “Like a distillation of the old warehouses at Lagavulin”.
BODY: Ripe and soft.
PALATE: Slow to unfold (as befits its age) with real balance and length in time. Drinks very well at natural strength. Becomes increasingly smoky after a surprisingly sweet start; the smoke drifting above an
apple and melon sweetness. Hints of dry spices (cumin), and Lagavulin’s familiar tar and then suddenly a hit of raspberry and rose. Biscuity. Less sweet with water, and there’s a distinct clove-like coolness.
FINISH: Very long, smouldering. Woody, and not so smoky in the end.

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