Tuesday, November 08, 2005

google: ring the register!

ding! ding! sold! at US$396.11

bought at US$286.99 on 29th August 2005.

just to take some money off the plate. and unless it jumps major... my 5 shares was not facing much upside.

decent score.

  • US$109.12 * 5
  • fees: US$35 (buy sell)
  • exchange rate 1.7
  • S$868.02

Friday, November 04, 2005

New pets from beijing

New pets
Originally uploaded by stonz.

just add carrots. instant pets. makes a clicking-buzzing sound with their short wings.

oh yeah. they bite. was trying to clean the "carrot-byproducts", one dropped out of the container. i made a grab. the little $@##$%$#%! took a juicy bite at my thumb.

people in beijing keep them in containers and near to their bodies. to keep them warm.

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