Friday, December 04, 2009

Dear starhub. Please refund me my time.

Dear starhub customer service,

i hope i am getting customer service and not redirected elsewhere.

I have just wasted 30 mins of my work day, navigating starhub's customer service and billing hotlines. 1633 and 1637.

in 3 seperate calls, after selecting "English"; "CableTV" and "Speak to customer service".
i was greeted by bewildered agents who either told me

1) i was calling the wrong department
2) started quizzing on my knowledge of navigating your phone systems
3) or offer a call back earliest after 24 hours.

on a currently-almost irrelevant note:
i was making a call to do an enquiry of my latest bill.
under Starhub cabletv subscriptions

  1. Add TV5MONDE Asie
  2. TV5MONDE Asie
are 2 items which i did not subscribe and would like to check on how they got there
and please remove them and refund me on the items.
(and how do i get back my 30 mins wasted on an inapt IVR system)

boon teck

google a