Wednesday, April 27, 2005

O+ blood platelet donors needed.

here's the blog link.

my friend, Alvin's baby nephew.
Baby Ian's diagnosed with leukemia. as part of his chemo theraphy sessions, they need a constant supply of platelets from O+ blood.

what is needed.

  1. permission by the individual to give their contact info. (name + contact number) to NUH.
  2. send them to me. boonteck[at]
  3. pass this info directly to baby ian's parents.
  4. NUH will contact you directly to make arrangements and explain what is needed.
More info on platelet donation [link]

Monday, April 18, 2005

INSIDE: M&M's darth mix

INSIDE: M&M's darth mix
Originally uploaded by stonz.

taking peek inside the "collector pack 23 of 72".... is... "Galactic gossip" (72 of 75)

how abt that? only lucas can come up with that.... an collector's item... within another collector's item... whoohooh!

now i got.. some permutation of 72 & 75 of number of items to collect.

before i begin.... i think i'll go take some photos and video evidence of myself "before collection"....

Super-size Me?.. M&M ME!

on a sort-of related note... it does look like those... hellnotes... just lacking a value.

here's the "haiku" in full

Galactic Gossip
Had he not been so independent
Qui-Gon would have been a member
of the Jedi Council.

Red is actually quite dependent on
Yellow for help and support.
(72 of 75)

it has began.........

M&M's darth mix
Originally uploaded by stonz.

not the casinos... everyone knew abt that.
i'm talking abt star wars merchandise.

here we have... the "M&M's Darth Mix"
dark chocolate peanuts.

corny liners like "Go to the Dark side... Choose Dark Chocolate"
and one cartoony Boba Fett (with blue M&M body) saying "Bring me Han Solo Frozen in chocolate." to a real-thing (non cartoony) Boba Fett.

A: what did the M&M Boba say to the big Boba?
Q: Bring me Han Solo Frozen in chocolate.

Friday, April 08, 2005

shopping list: one down, lots more to go

checked! zodiac 2
Originally uploaded by stonz.

yeah. picked a zodiac 2 from... 2nd hand. but in very good condition. here we go... color screen PDA. yeah baby. finally.

next on the list. the sandisk SDIO wifi (with 256MB)... and a 1GIG card? mp3 and pr0n-on-the-go!

Monday, April 04, 2005

pun of da day: Sim City creator Will Wright's next game, Spore

[Spore is] a sim that allows the players to control life on all conceivable scales--an emergent and beautiful simulation game that ranges from the cellular level all the way to the galactic level.

hey! we already got one... except only the "exceptionals" get to play...

The game allows the player to begin with developing a creature as a cellular entity and eventually creating a creature with more sophisticated brain functions, which will change the nature of the game to a more RTS-type game (he cited a particular favorite of his, Populous), where players will control herds of creatures. Once you upgrade the "hut" around which the creatures centralize, the game changes into what he called "a simple version of SimCity" where the player manages technology and interacts with other cities that have sprung up around the world.

He demonstrated how the player can eventually purchase a UFO to travel between planets--and eventually star systems--to populate, conquer, or simply observe. Particularly impressive was the game's emergent gameplay and seemingly infinite possibilities for playing creatively--two qualities that define Will Wright's celebrity status in game design.

whoa! "players will control herds of creatures", "upgrade the hut"... this is cutting too close..


i need to blow some cash.

The Whole List

zodiac 2 PDA. something with wifi, color screen, bluetooth.

whisky glass. heard everything good about them.

the whisky bible. the latest and greatest! more TNs to compare.

poker chips. "as seen on sopranos". what more do i need? did i mention they are on sale?

card shuffler. that's just fun? ha.

i just wanna get an headstart on the casino thingy. like tutition... start 'em early.

google a