Monday, April 18, 2005

INSIDE: M&M's darth mix

INSIDE: M&M's darth mix
Originally uploaded by stonz.

taking peek inside the "collector pack 23 of 72".... is... "Galactic gossip" (72 of 75)

how abt that? only lucas can come up with that.... an collector's item... within another collector's item... whoohooh!

now i got.. some permutation of 72 & 75 of number of items to collect.

before i begin.... i think i'll go take some photos and video evidence of myself "before collection"....

Super-size Me?.. M&M ME!

on a sort-of related note... it does look like those... hellnotes... just lacking a value.

here's the "haiku" in full

Galactic Gossip
Had he not been so independent
Qui-Gon would have been a member
of the Jedi Council.

Red is actually quite dependent on
Yellow for help and support.
(72 of 75)


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