Monday, July 22, 2002

show's over
boys and girls, show's over. no need to get all excited. shoo-shoo....go away...

Many residents had also expected a U-turn in the Public Transport Council's decision following the fare hike debate in Parliament.
But Mr Goh said that would not be right.
He explained the PTC's decision was a carefully considered one and the Government is satisfied the PTC had balanced both the interests of commuters and transport operators.
Mr Goh said, "From now on, move on. There's no point harping on an issue now over, there're bigger challenges and the economy's recovering. That's good news but the worry is the American economy may still go wrong because Dow Jones has collapse.....

in a totally "unrelated" incident.
In an unexpected turn of events, Mr Tan Soo Khoon today apologised to Parliament and Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
His apology was for misleading remarks he passed during the debate on bus and train fare hikes at the last Parliament sitting.

i would like to thank all members of the public for their kind participation in this wonderful show, getting all excited ......
please return to your usual lifes of increased fares and higher priced water and TLC of ntuc.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

Serial Experiment #2: SPAM your ISP today!
finally, i got a response from all those forwarded emails....

Dear Sir/madam,
Thank you for notifying SingNet of an Internet-abuse (spamming)
We had managed to trace the spammer and action in accordance with the
SingNet AUP has been taken.
Phay S N
Network Security Team (NST)

thus the score now is:
singnet 1 - the rest 0

Monday, July 15, 2002

now reading:
barbarians at the gate#bryan burrough & john helyar [+]
rabbit omnibus#john updike [+]
silicon boys (and their valley of dreams), the#david a.kaplan [+]
a followup on the previous post, anyone who wants a spam-free inbox should really look into this sneakemail thingy.

how does it work? [+]
effectively it allows u to create an unique email address (on-the-fly) that can be used for signing up for freebies, we all are suckers for "free! registration now!" stuff.

i need an email to sign up with XXX site. is created with [XXX] as the label. any emails that comes from XXX site, will be sent to and in-turn forwarded to your personal email address. however, sneakemail will append the label [XXX] to the incoming address. that way, u know exactly who has "sold" your email address when u receive your 541st "be the bigger man in 6 days!" SPAM. and when reply to the email, sneakemail will remove the label and send your reply with
you can then choose to stop all emails to or allow only emails from a certain domain....etc

pretty cool stuff, takes a tad of extra effort to create an additional email for each sign-up, but it's well worth it.....
and did i mention it's FREE!?! (donation-based service)

Sunday, July 14, 2002

Serial Experiment #1
been doing a little experiment on the local ISPs, spamming policies.
past 1 month, i've been forwarding those made-in-singapore spams back to the originator-ISPs
so far....have forwarded about 20 emails to them.
and have gotten ZERO replies. (auto-reply don't apply)

the only email response i got, was from the Pacific net's
in summary, the email goes "Hi, after our investigation: SINGNET subscriber!"
how's that for abuse response!!!

so join me in this exciting activity......SPAM our local ISPs today!

any spam that i receive, i'm pretty sure, they deserve a copy......

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

WTF! of the day:
This week, our people have taken a giant stride in the evolution of collective-stupidity.
A resounding success for our on-going courtesy campaign! People have taken to queuing up at random spots around the island.
"Hey! White tents! Let's just queue up."
"People are queuing up, i wonder why. nevermind, i'll join the queue."
Special mention to those who turned up at "possible" NDP-tickets allocation centers.....and managed to queue up at the wrong places, ending up with....absolutely nothing.
"You....spice up my life!" collective-stupidity never fails to entertain me.

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