Monday, July 22, 2002

show's over
boys and girls, show's over. no need to get all excited. shoo-shoo....go away...

Many residents had also expected a U-turn in the Public Transport Council's decision following the fare hike debate in Parliament.
But Mr Goh said that would not be right.
He explained the PTC's decision was a carefully considered one and the Government is satisfied the PTC had balanced both the interests of commuters and transport operators.
Mr Goh said, "From now on, move on. There's no point harping on an issue now over, there're bigger challenges and the economy's recovering. That's good news but the worry is the American economy may still go wrong because Dow Jones has collapse.....

in a totally "unrelated" incident.
In an unexpected turn of events, Mr Tan Soo Khoon today apologised to Parliament and Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
His apology was for misleading remarks he passed during the debate on bus and train fare hikes at the last Parliament sitting.

i would like to thank all members of the public for their kind participation in this wonderful show, getting all excited ......
please return to your usual lifes of increased fares and higher priced water and TLC of ntuc.


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