Tuesday, January 04, 2011

MakanDeals.com - Singapore's Preferred Restaurants

MakanDeals.com marks Kidotech's first foray into the consumer market, after working on enterprise web/ mobile projects for the past 6 years.

MakanDeals.com is an online-only marketplace platform, where users are able to get discounted dining deals with our restaurant partners. We work out long term agreements with restaurants and bring these deals to the users.

MakanDeals.com choose our Restaurant Partners carefully.

  • Good food/ atmosphere/ crowd ( Each partner restaurant is clearly defined and described by MakanDeals; We want to be your reliable guide to dining in Singapore.)
  • Reliable & trusted ( We want partners who are committed to our users and deals; the last thing we want is for the consumer to turn up and run into problems using their vouchers)
  • Long-term relationship (Business is a relationship, we want to prove our business model and provide a valuable service to both the restaurants & users. And we expect to build on this relationship over time.)

So if you see a restaurant that you like on MakanDeals.com, you know that we have personally tried each one of them and can wholeheartedly recommend them.

Some of our partners:

so do check out MakanDeals.com & see what deals we have on offer!


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