Monday, February 28, 2005

quote of da day: the world *reverse-engineered*

quote of da day
quote of da day,
originally uploaded by stonz.
this is something cynical-bt truly believes in.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

rant of da day: this world... doesn't work in mysterious way.

the world of computers.... is as simple as it gets.
Binary. 1's/ 0's. true/false. yes/no.
when you ask me on instruction/ help. bear this in mind.
follow the damn instructions.
the problem issn't gonna go away, if you pretend it is not there. Turn off the computer, go to sleep, when you wake up. the problem will still be there. there's nothing mysterious.
So.... if you choose not to follow the steps. you know it's gonna to piss me off further when you keep asking for help.
so there you have it.

i know. i know. i'm supposed to be patient.. etc

yeah. just needed to get that off.
need sleep.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

statement of da day

Telekom Malaysia Bhd has implemented a group-wide voluntary separation scheme (VSS) for eligible staff as part of its manpower rationalisation programme, which is expected to reduce its workforce by 10%.

now... that is one cool phrase. "voluntary separation scheme"

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

pic of da day: audi illusions ads

audi illusion ads
audi illusion ads,
originally uploaded by stonz.
the video version here.
stare hard. especially the vid.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Live match at highbury!

Live match at highbury!
Delayed entry. Watched arsenal vs sheffield united at highbury. Just had to do it despite the 51 pounds tix. 1-1 result. Loved the way the fans shouted at the ref. Complete sentences and in proper english. "oh referee, he's wasting time!" "referee is a w@nker!"

Friday, February 18, 2005

Paris is eating...

Paris is eating...
Another post-dated entry. Last meal in france. Missed the 4pm train back to nice. Decided to have a nice meal. Medium-rare steak, hot frites (fries), a choc mousse and a shot of glenfiddish whisky. All's good.

London! Touchdown!

London! Touchdown!
London! A post-dated entry. No mobile data network yesterday.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Day 4. We are off to london!

Day 4. We are off to london!
Busride to nice airport. To london! Aka 'cost3xLand'

train back to nice (from paris)

On the way back to nice via my 2nd 5 hr train ride. All snowy and white outside.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Our paris home and getting re-identified.

Our paris home and getting re-identified.
The singapore embassy in paris. Yet another personal screwup, i left the police report in nice. Cheers! Walked another 20 min to & fro to get a new one. Definitely losing weight, this trip.

Paris at last... No hiltons in sight

Paris at last... No hiltons in sight
I'm just gonna milk this paris hilton thing to death. After 5 hrs train ride & 2 short metro sides. Porte dauphine. Where the spore embassy is. Lunchtime wait. Till 2pm. Tourisy stroll now!

To paris (hilton) with love...

To paris (hilton) with love...
To paris, to paris to buy a document of identity. Paris Hilton here i come! 5 hour train side that cost me 103€ (one way)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Only in france

Only in france
Only the french darth vader is shorter than the stormtroopers.

day 2: dang!

Pretty much screwed. Passport dropped. Have to make trip to paris to obtain a document of identity. mlln !

Monday, February 14, 2005

Greetings from Nice

Greetings from Nice
On the way to Cannes via train. 3GSM here we come.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

laphroaig + evian + tall drinking glass (starbucks)


first step into the world of single malt whiskys.

managed to digout a bottle of evian 2001.
my starbucks doubleshot glass (tall glass for "nosing")

it was pretty fun. could nose some of the described scents. as well as taste, the peaty , smoky.

dummy's guide: from laphroaig's website.
Below are the 4 easy steps to unleashing and enjoying Laphroaig's full potential.

Step 1
Pour yourself a full measure of Scotland's most richly flavoured malts. Admire the full golden amber colour with its slightly greenish tone.

Step 2
Nose the glass (adding just a drop of water to release the full potential) and savour the pungent earthy aroma. Admire the heavy peaty smokiness and detect the delicate heathery perfume.

Step 3
Really taste the whisky - roll it around on your tongue and allow it to impress your palate. Take time to experience its full rich character and peaty flavour.

Step 4
Contemplate it, savour it, but never rush it - appreciate the lingering and unique mellow finish of the true single malt Scotch whisky for the connoisseur.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Johnnie Walker : The Collection : The Inside


Johnnie Walker : The Collection : The Story

In summary: The outstanding collection includes Red Label™ - the Vibrant Blend - a favourite choice for celebrating every day and Black Label™ - the Definitive Blend - a deep and complex flavour. Gold Label™ - the Luxurious Blend - offers an indulgent experience, whilst Blue Label™ - the Rarest Blend - is created from the rarest and most expensive whiskies in the world.

Johnnie Walker : The Collection : The Stuff

kewl stuff. the blue label bottle. actually is "individually numbered". 4D alert : 0 218188 JW

Thursday, February 03, 2005

home news... interesting stuff, when i'm away.

ST: Lively Exchanges

well.... "start a party". issn't that... from yonder years ago... the catherine lim incident. here we go again. put the turntable needle back to start and *listen* (again!)

here i go ranting again.

keep this up... it's gonna all blow up.
respect and admiration is one thing; how this country is run, can't be based on past records and nothing else.
the young un's will be asking, what can you do in the future. not some communist fighting stories repeated for 30-40 years.

slowly.... release first the thumbs.... oh yes... now loosen the 2nd finger. right... breathe... now the 3rd finger.. NO! No! don't put the 2nd finger back. relax.... you can do it.....

"go with grace" ahmem.

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