Thursday, February 10, 2005

laphroaig + evian + tall drinking glass (starbucks)


first step into the world of single malt whiskys.

managed to digout a bottle of evian 2001.
my starbucks doubleshot glass (tall glass for "nosing")

it was pretty fun. could nose some of the described scents. as well as taste, the peaty , smoky.

dummy's guide: from laphroaig's website.
Below are the 4 easy steps to unleashing and enjoying Laphroaig's full potential.

Step 1
Pour yourself a full measure of Scotland's most richly flavoured malts. Admire the full golden amber colour with its slightly greenish tone.

Step 2
Nose the glass (adding just a drop of water to release the full potential) and savour the pungent earthy aroma. Admire the heavy peaty smokiness and detect the delicate heathery perfume.

Step 3
Really taste the whisky - roll it around on your tongue and allow it to impress your palate. Take time to experience its full rich character and peaty flavour.

Step 4
Contemplate it, savour it, but never rush it - appreciate the lingering and unique mellow finish of the true single malt Scotch whisky for the connoisseur.


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