Monday, October 13, 2003

entrepreneurship in singapore
the so-called entrepreneurship in singapore comes in 3 flavours:
a. hawkers
b. pasar malam
c. mlm (multi-level market/ network marketing)

just some random thoughts on this topic. unorganised. shooting off.

The mentality of singaporeans; we are unable to accept fellow successful singaporeans.
most frequently heard: "blah! that is nothing new, anyone can do that."
most fequently asked: "why not me?"
we do not take kindly to people who are more successful than ourselves.

why? that is something i can't explain fully.
maybe it is the way the society is; we are surprised abt how people can succeed in this system/society.
this is something that is happening in all sectors. for example, singapore born artiste/singers have to make a name for themselves in overseas markets; before being taken seriously locally.

this should relate to hawkers too.
the simplest explaination is not all succeed. and to a certain extend, we look down on hawkers. of cos every other day, we do see people attempting to start their own food business and closing down within the next 3 months.

another reason for "failure" in all other career options is how deeply the GLCs have entangled into our society. the pie is limited. and when everyone is trying to grab a piece; pieces never will get very big. ask the GLCs... how many of them set-up a technology company/subsidy during the dot-com boom years.

mlm is probably the up and coming career of choice.
due to lack of actual employment opportunities in the market.
IMO, this is why mlm succeed; "suckers"
the perfect career for singaporeans.
the sellers is one happy person, when he find someone as a downline/buyers of his products; the buyers are not exactly happy campers but singaporeans always think positive! we believe we can find more suckers.
too bad, our population is lacking in size, if not, i believe we would see some really rich MLMers. our population size keeps this in check.

a very popular scheme for shopping centres to attract the crowds.
a truly waste of human time, but relatively successful.
cos we singaporeans love a good bargain. think of it more of a "fun" thing/ sideline;PLEASE.
hawkers will barely succeed in singapore, not with rentals amounting to a huge part of the business cost.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

rant of da day
"hey! we have a great plan. we are gonna privatised, and in 3 years, we'll be listed. then everyone can be a shareholder! what a plan! cheers! (hello public. business has been bad. it's no longer profitable. we need someone to share the burden.)"
your truly & friendly stat-board.

Friday, January 03, 2003

rant of da day
yo, liverpud fans! houllier has mentioned "we have turned the corner" a couple of times.... doesn't he know that after 4 corners, you end up the exactly the same spot?
elementary maths from my fav french school teacher.....

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