Tuesday, November 28, 2006

News of da day: Gold(plated) Years



hmm... this is kinda strange... shouldn't we be investigating why we are UNABLE to provide for our golden years... instead of trying to extend my working years?

root issue... why after working for 55 years, we are unable to retire?

Singaporeans need to work beyond retirement age to provide for their golden years

Singaporeans have been urged to work past the legislated retirement to build up a nest egg for their golden years as the funds might not stretch long enough.

Citing figures, the National Trades Union Congress Secretary General Lim Boon Heng said a high proportion of older workers have dropped out of the job market.

That is why a tripartite committee comprising NTUC, the government and employers is studying how to help older Singaporeans find work and stay on working.

Mr Lim said: "NTUC has long recognised this and therefore pushed for raising the effective retirement age. It is important to focus on the effective retirement age and not on the legislated retirement age. Currently our official retirement age is 62 but many drop out from the age of 55 years."

Thursday, November 09, 2006

first death @ novena medical centre at Square2

saw a bunch of foreign workers huddled around U-turn of novena terrace.... "that's early to stop work"... when i got off the car, realised that one of them was crying...

then i noticed a pair of "tong aik" uncles... 3 police cars....
"oh dang!"......
read the rest from the new papers...

Novena Medical Centre @ Square2

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