Thursday, February 03, 2005

home news... interesting stuff, when i'm away.

ST: Lively Exchanges

well.... "start a party". issn't that... from yonder years ago... the catherine lim incident. here we go again. put the turntable needle back to start and *listen* (again!)

here i go ranting again.

keep this up... it's gonna all blow up.
respect and admiration is one thing; how this country is run, can't be based on past records and nothing else.
the young un's will be asking, what can you do in the future. not some communist fighting stories repeated for 30-40 years.

slowly.... release first the thumbs.... oh yes... now loosen the 2nd finger. right... breathe... now the 3rd finger.. NO! No! don't put the 2nd finger back. relax.... you can do it.....

"go with grace" ahmem.


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