Thursday, April 13, 2006

Followup News of da day: karate kids... two!


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More news from japan.... the search is completed!

wait till the special gift from the jap chinese-martial-arts-expert.... is labelled "made in singapore"... or a "Singapore is a fine city" tshirt, autographed (of cos!)
that would be *wicked*...

SINGAPORE : Three Singaporeans in search of a karate master in northern Japan are believed to have located him.

He is 61-year-old Shoen Fukuda who lives in Aomori's Hiranai City. But it turns out that instead of karate, Mr Fukuda teaches Chinese-style martial arts.

The search started when a Singaporean karate master made a wish on his death bed for his family to locate a Japanese man with a secret karate manuscript.

His family, together with neighbours, travelled to Japan armed only with the information that the man is a widower of about 65 who has two daughters.

When three members in the group of 13 went missing on Aomori's snowy mountains, their rescue and their quest attracted much media attention in Japan.

With the help of Aomori officials and volunteers, Mr Fukuda was found.

He recalls meeting a Singaporean by the name of Xu and showing him his secret manuscript.

But Mr Fukuda has refused to present his manuscript to the Singaporean karate master's son and wife, saying it is something he cannot disclose.

As a gesture of friendship, however, he has offered to present something to the Singaporeans in a ceremony on Friday. - CNA/de


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