Thursday, November 25, 2004

rant: Singapore reviewing smoking ban to include more areas

pretty ridiculous.
if smoking is that undesirable, ban it.
if gambling is bad, ban it.
if drinking is unhealthy, stop selling it.

first they put this high taxes on it.... then they try to "discourage" by take these dumbass measures.

as usual, as long as "we" benefit both ways.
i don't smoke... but i feel for those smokers man. ciggies that cost 5 times more than anywhere else in this region. now they gonna be tagged as "social undesirables".
we should be thanking them, for the extra taxes.

taking "public opinion" on such matters, just sick of those "ST" reponses.

i'm already embarrassed enough when s'pore kids get out of singapore... and discover "chewing gum is not a drug, you don't need to register to chew."
"We do have evidence to show that non-smokers who are exposed to the smoking environment eventually take up the smoking habit and this is something we want to prevent. We will consult, we will consider all the issues before we move because there are implications."


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