Friday, November 26, 2004

rant: *gasp* oh no! the horror! oh my.....

welcome to this edition of "...only in singapore"
every single day... the local news never fail to entertain and bring a smile to my face.... (immediately after that.... i do get embarrassed: we are like mountain turtles.)

A series of Nike ads in Singapore designed to resemble graffiti have stirred emotions in the Asian nation known for its obsession with cleanliness and civic order.

The small, page-size posters featuring anime-style images of NBA star LeBron James were pasted helter skelter over the ad panels of 700 bus stops, shocking commuters who are used to the ultratidy shelters.

At least 50 commuters have called or written to complain, said officials at Clear Channel, which owns the advertising rights to the bus shelters.



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