Friday, November 12, 2004

rant: 62 is too young to stop working

Members of Parliament, union leaders, community group officials human resource experts agreed with the MM Lee that it is a waste to make able people stop working.

It is what many older workers want, and it can help people support themselves as they live longer lives.

His proposal is to let older workers carry on beyond 62 if they want to, but for lower pay because they will not be as energetic as before.
ok. now i'm wondering.... if you are 80+ and still working, should you working for free.
just like COEs, each additional year over 20 years, you pay 10% more. at +20 years... hmm..

i mean... if i'm working at 62... i would blame my useless kids, unable to provide for me. (if i have kids, that is; if not.... blame me useless self.)



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