Tuesday, October 26, 2004

rant: sex & the city (& the neutered male)

older stuff from me.

Q: what's worse than watching a season of sex and the city?
A: watching your guy friend watching it.... and him giggling to himself.. and laughing out loud.

this series must be payback for all bad things that men have done...
episodes and episodes of whinny voices... it's like they figured out how to package nagging, digitize it and make sure every household buys a copy and just irritates the heck out of every "normal" human male.

BT's theory on why sex and the city is made for the female form (and neutered males)
5) every episode last 30 minutes. no storyline to follow.
talking on the phone while watching the dvd? no matter. A is still a bitch in the next 200 episodes; B is still the one looking for fairy tale love story.

4) whinny, nagging voices that repeats the same information.... think barney... it's a comfort zone. hey! no need to analyse. no complex storylines. 30 mins of ONE single issue.

3) just in case, someone STILL doesn't get the "issue", they have the narrator telling you EXACTLY what they want you to know. the summary at the end. simple.

2) see points 5, 4, 3

1) you are finally getting my point.


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