Sunday, July 10, 2005

my tool...

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aka call me bt "blade" tan or bt "federer" tan

never knew i had such a wicked forehand.
those mosquitoes never had a chance... but they are winning the war.

it's like... after killing a entire HDB block worth of mosquitoes. you go to sleep... and when u wake up... those mosquitoes "hey! free lodgings! free food! tell the whole village!" there's more than ever of them. sunday! the whole kampong have moved in.

the mosquitoe coil is burning, baygon sprayed... i've "wimbledon-ed" a good 45 mins... go into the shower and when i come out? the next bus of mosquitoes have arrived. wtf!

war goes on......

best "aliens" movie scene:
you walk into the toilet. ready to take a dump. you are certain, you have already killed most of the mosquitoes in there.... 2 kamikazi fly right into your face. "wtf! where do they come from?"... you look up.... and go "SHITE!" and run out to fetch your weapon.
it's like discovering the mother alien's nest....

best "aliens" movie dialogue:
"bitch! get down here. i'm waiting for you!" as you sit... on the toilet. talking to the big fat mosquitoe perched on the walls above you..... (for the interested readers: that one was terminated by a patented move: "the jump smash")


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