Friday, July 01, 2005

Drink up!


i knew it.... that 's what i've been telling everyone... whisky is the "water of life. good for you...

THE traditional toast when drinking a good malt whisky is, of course, slainte (to your good health). To the uninitiated, this is just a pleasantry, but there is good scientific evidence that whisky is good for you. Earlier this year, studies were published showing that a regular (but modest) dram may guard against the risk of cancer. Whisky contains antioxidants, in the form of ellagic acid, which wage war on the unstable free radical atoms in the body that hasten cell replication. But the more cells replicated, the more chance you have of developing rogue cancer cells. Fortunately, ellagic acid is a highly-effective free radical scavenger that absorbs or eats up rogue cells. And single-malt whiskies have even more ellagic acid than red wine.

"...And single-malt whiskies have even more ellagic acid than red wine."
Now there is even more good news. Scientists in Japan claim to have discovered that a dram a day is also good for keeping wrinkles at bay. A three-year study has found evidence that the chemical constituents found naturally in barrels made of oak are secreted into the whisky. These react with the whisky itself to slow down the ageing process, leaving your face looking much younger. But then, we always knew that whisky was the water of life.


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