Saturday, September 14, 2002

reformasi friday!
interesting suggestions from erc; personally, i'm still waiting for them to free up MY monies.
in summary:
1) let the rich-enuff dudes, do the entrepreneurship thingy. since most entrepreneurs fail anyway.

2) govt is not doing another su-zhou. all the other 1,348 cities waiting the next great singapore payout can scrap their plans now.
The panel also reiterated the government's stance on encouraging state-linked companies to expand overseas in their core businesses, but it also said the government "no longer needs to take a hands-on approach by involving itself in business."

of course quote of the day
"Businessmen have expressed concern that over the years, the number of GLCs has grown to cover many industries, encroaching into private sector space," the report stated. "The government should be involved in business only where it achieves its strategic objectives. The recommendations endorsed an earlier proposal for Singapore to enact a competition law that prohibits cartel activities and abuse of dominance by significant market players, which would help ensure that GLCs compete on a level playing field with private enterprises."

sad to say, no mention of my "fav", somehow... it just manages to fly under the radar.... "if it's cheap, it must be good" barf! maybe it doesn't fall into GLC category, since most of the GLCs do operate under minor competitive conditions...

for those of u interested in actual news...than my views....
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but what are u doing here anyway?


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