Saturday, September 14, 2002

health bomb
another price hike. the "good news"?
Mr Lim assured Class-C patients that they can use Medisave to pay for almost the entire fee increase, while B2 patients may have to fork out just $20 more in cash.

of cos, just in case everyone forgets, my MEDISAVE is MY monies too...

KK Women's and Children's Hospital, for example, lost $10 million last year and expects $7 million loss even with this fee increase.

so why did they move into a spanking new building a few years ago? so we can pay more? the system is screwed, change the system, public health care is for our benefit, not an extra burden to us. if you can't survive, change. that's what the private sector is doing anyway.
this "slight increase, so that we don't need to increase more later" story is growing old and tired.


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