Wednesday, August 24, 2005

rant of da day: singapura ekonomics 101

just needed to put this down... it's as simple as this....

What % of publicly listed company in singapore, is govt linked?
let's simply things.

First the govt privatise certain sectors.
1) privatised govt sectors get listed. we, the citizens of singapore, pay for those shares. (they own assets to used to belong to the govt/ country)

2) hey! those assets were funded by the govt.... which are funded by us in the first place. (keep the count: we have paid twice for the same assets.)

3) now the trend is.... these "companies" sell their assets/ properties to REITs... and guess what.. who's buying those REITs? us.... baby... still us...
is that good biz or what? single asset, 3 times over.

think about it.....


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