Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"The Macallan" bar....


great! now i gotta at least try it once.... and blow more monies.

Another first for The Macallan

The Macallan single Highland malt whisky has become so sought after in Singapore it now has its own bar, where a nip can set you back £117.

Located within the aptly named Divine Society Club, the private bar has only one entry criteria: you must be well heeled, especially as membership fees alone are over £1,500 a year.

Frequented by the country’s rich and famous, The Macallan bar is located in the opulent lobby of the famous Parkview Square building in Singapore city – affectionately known by ex-pats as the Gotham City building of Batman fame. Created by Las Vegas designer James Adam in grandiose art deco style, The Macallan bar is as opulent as it is exclusive and the famous Speyside malt is the only Scotch on sale. Ceilings painted with Italian frescos tower overhead while marble with gold trim decorate floors and walls.

Next to The Macallan bar is a wine cellar standing 12 metres tall. Believed to be the tallest in Asia, waitresses known as ‘wine angels’ are attached to invisible wires and pullied up and down on ‘wings’ to reach ordered bottles.

The Macallan is highly coveted in Singapore and other parts of Asia. In Taiwan and Japan, it enjoys huge popularity with thirty somethings, particularly young businesswomen.

The bar has proved an outstanding success since it opened, according to Charles Yeo, Singapore’s marketing manager. “The concept of The Macallan bar is one we had wanted to develop for some time in Singapore and with the exclusive and extraordinary Divine Society, we found the perfect partner. Like the Divine Society, The Macallan stands for uncompromising quality and sophistication.”


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