Friday, August 16, 2002

countdown: 2 days!
2 days more to the start of EPL.
here's something hoot about for L.E.E.D.S

"Rio Girl" - One day she tells you she's leaving you because she's met a guy who's much richer than you and drives a Ferrari. You resent her and her new beau for evermore, and would never have her back because you'd know that she'd be just 'slumming it' with you until she found a new sugar-daddy to feed off. Money grabbing bitch!

"Ollie Girl" - An everyday relationship. Things go well for a while. You think you're in love - you probably are. But things change. You're young and there's lots of other girls out there. Maybe you'd like one of them better? You look back on the relationship fondly, but remember the lessons learned.

"Alfie Girl" - She's alright. Nice enough, if nothing special to look at. You have a good time together, but there's never really that special 'spark'. Eventually you realise that there's better options around for you, and you call it a day. You stay friends though, and it's probable that you'd get together for a quick one 'for old times sake' if you both found yourselves without partners at some time in the future.

"Strachan Girl" - Like Alfie Girl, except you really connected with her, and it was only circumstances that forced you apart. You'll stay good friends for ever, but there'll never be any more of that hanky-panky stuff - your relationship is on a much higher plane than that these days.

"Keane Girl" - Though she's a nice lass, frankly your fed up with her, and you've got plenty of other irons in the fire that you'd rather spend time on. But she still loves you and no matter how many hints you drop she won't bugger off. Eventually, you'll have to tell her to piss off. Everyone'll be upset and she'll never speak to you again, you unfeeling bastard! Shame, 'cos if you'd managed to get her to leave amicably, there'd always have been the chance of having her back if things slowed down in the future...

"Bowyer Girl" - A tempestuous relationship - you've had your ups and downs, but have always stuck by each other. Then for some reason a coolness comes between you and you both know that eventually, it's just going to peter out. Some days things go well and you start to hope that you'll rekindle the flame, but on other days you find yourself looking for reasons to start arguments in the hope that you can end it all right now.

"MacAllister Girl" - You had a great time together, but then something went wrong. She seemed to be turning into a Rio Girl, and left you for a guy who you heard had better prospects. You hated her with a vengence. Then it turns out that she didn't leave you for material purposes at all (in fact, her new guy lives in a council flat), but for some other reason. You assume she didn't love you anymore, but a friend tells you that isn't so. Why did she go? God, you're confused...

"Barmby Girl" - The girl who used to go out with that annoying twat who drives the GLX version of your car. You never really fancied her much, but just at the moment you're without a girl and she's fed up with Mr GLX. Worth a go, but unlikely to lead to much, though you never know (see Strachan Girl).

"Okon Girl" - You've put on a bit of weight, and things have got a bit tight money-wise, so you can't really show a girl a good time any more. Still, you can always attract that dull lass who's been around for ever, but you only just noticed now you're not flirting with the models anymore. She'll be good for you, but once you're back on your feet and have been down to the gym it'll be party time again, and you'll dump her like a sack of coal. She'll probably hold a grudge, but you'll look back on her with fondness 'cos she helped you through those hard times. Because she's a bit of a tug, she'll swallow her pride and come running back to you should your bad times return.

"Dyer Girl" - The sexy-looking thing you've been eyeing across the pub for the past couple of months. You keep flirting with her, and your friends tell you she says she quite fancies you. Then when you're about to make your move you hear her telling someone she thinks you're a c*nt. Still, she is sexy...

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