Sunday, May 19, 2002

Stolen post of the day:
Choose Life. Choose a Master. Choose a Lightsaber. Choose a Clone Army. Choose a fucking big holo-projector, choose sonic showers, land-speeders, and electrical R2-D2 openers. Choose good health, low midichlorians, and blaster insurance. Choose fixed interest moisture farm repayments. Choose a starter smuggling ship. Choose your Jedi. Choose robes and matching sandals. Choose a three-piece body armor on hire purchase in a range of fucking alloys. Choose sitting on that Bantha-hide chair and watching mind-numbing, chain choaking slave girls, stuffing fucking slimy worms into your mouth. Choose rotting away in the belly of the Sarlack, pishing your last in a miserable home, nothing more than an mbarrassment to the selfish, fucked up aprentices you spawned to kill all your breathren and take over the galaxy.

WTF! of the day:
things i do not want to see in episode 3......
1) another gladiator/ race scene
2) more "parallel-ism" between anakin's and luke's life. we can always blame "me-so-whinny" on heredity.
3) villians that last about 5 minutes in battle.
4) jedi masters that get chopped up or captured easily.
5) further "improvement" in anakin's ability to impress the chicks. from "...are you an angel?" to " are soft and smooth..." *groan*

just gimme jabba! and one big epic space battle. something worthy of Hoth, Death-Star 2....even Death Star....


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